The hardwood floor have settled and patterned sizes. NOVA LAMMY hardwood floors are dried to favor the placing.
  • The most used extracts are: Cumaru, Ipê, Garapa, Sucupira, Roxinho e Tauari.
  • The most common sizes are: 10×40 | 10×50 | 7×35 | 7×42 | 7×49
Furthermore, we produce the hardboard floor “Palito”, which is  environmentally friendly, because it uses the whole wood.
  • The most common sizes are: 3 e 4 cm.
We also produce Random Length flooring, consisting in stripes with settled width, aleatory length, with thonge and groove edges, made out of most selected exotic wood logs, which make them different from the standard hardwood flooring, bringing uniqueness and also modernity to the home enviroment.