New Lammy , has managed forests , following all environmental norms of the Brazilian agencies and has a fully trained staff about these concepts . Plan for Sustainable Forest Management . Through these forest management , if supplies of raw materials, such as tropical and exotic trees , lianas and dead roots , as well as exotic teak tree . Nova Lammy and Valeria Totti ( North Brazil Eco Design ) , are companies that care about the wood , long before the implementation of their projects for sustainable forest management , in which they manage . An environmentally friendly and socially fair relationship make them modern in its vision and mission .
The Valeria Totti division , uses wood ( logs ) that are usually discarded by the furniture industry because of a very low degree of utilization , the amount of ” defects ” present in logs . What is default for industry to Valeria Totti is the detail that makes the product unique . It is the natural and organic design . Valeria Totti , with his keen , sensitive and delicate and strong hands of their craftsmen look , turns and explores the forms created by nature . Wood marked by rain, sun , insects , and other animals of the forest , makes a difference in the details. Únicos.Peças records each with its own ” DNA ” . Valeria Totti , is not a product but a concept , a style . A concept which not only talks quality , distinctive design and Brazilian beyond comfort, but the real concern for the environment and the client as absolute and indispensable factor in creating their pieces . This arguably makes his distinguished and unique art . The forest staff Nova Lammy , maps our forests , studying the legal commercial species , cataloging the trees and through this study , determine the cuts due. This all in partnership with the industrial and commercial production sector . Track access forests are also planned for removal of trees and the extraction and transport are specific . There is a whole area that monitoring the recovery after cutting the species , so every year there will be ready for cutting trees , provided that the preservation of seedlings of other species and the care that continues fauna in their natural habitat.
Our raw material comes from forest to forest management in forests themselves . detail that makes the product unique . It is the natural design .
The creation of the parts values ​​the work of nature , with its eccentric forms, adapting the needs of contemporary man . The finish preserves the natural characteristics of wood as ; color, smell , shape and appearance .